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Incredibly rich and delicious three-part layered cookies: a sumptious chocolate base with a milky filling that melts in your mouth (mmmmh) "protected" by a coat of nougat.

Try and rope someone into helping you -- it's more fun and a lot faster to prepare these cookies together! Good for families, flatmates, guests, birthday parties etc., they need to be used up fast (within ~4 days) and are a bit too rich to munch on your lonesome.

This recipe will yield lots of cookies -- about 3 cookie sheets full.

(European measurements only, sorry :/)


for the cookies:

300g dark chocolate
100g butter
3 eggs
200g sugar
100g wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 tblsp ground hazelnuts/almonds

milk filling:

200g Schmand OR substitute a mix of creme fraîche and sour cream
100g cream
100g powdered sugar (I recommend less)

nougat coating:

250g nougat
1 tblsp palm butter (or any neutral-tasting fat that hardens when cooling)


1) Melt chocolate with butter. Blend eggs and sugar. Add pinch of salt and baking powder to flour. Fold flour into chocolate butter, add ground nuts.

2) Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Widely space little dough heaps onto the cookie sheet, dent each heap a little (this is where the milk filling will go.) Bake for ca. 8 min. Set cookies aside and let cool.

3) Blend 50g powdered sugar (or less) with Schmand (alt.: creme fraîche mix). Beat cream with tbsp. of powdered sugar until firm, fold into Schmand. Add dollops of Schmand/cream mix on top of cookies, then let cool.

4) Melt nougat with palm butter. Evenly coat milk topping with nougat, then let cool.

5) Enjoy your yummy treat! <3

ETA: now with picture, courtesy of [personal profile] jananna <3
ETA2: sorry, forgot the cut!

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