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I have a friend going through food allergy testing who currently can't eat gluten, dairy, corn, soy, or refined sugar, but can have chocolate with a sufficiently high percentage of cacao. Brownies were a challenge, but not an impossible one!

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I originally got this recipe from, but I decided it wasn't quite peanut butter-y for my taste, so I altered it slightly. Plus I simplified the instructions, because I like to simplify instructions when baking. Also, the original recipe came with a frosting recipe that I've never made; I like it just fine without it, though. I pretty much copied it with very few alterations, so I hope it's not considered plagiarism, but in any case, the original recipe is here.

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Days ago I commented on a pie crust entry here, and promised to give the recipe for a pie crust that uses vegetable oil. Sorry it's been delayed until now (I've been getting over a bad cold), but here it is finally.

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And to round things out, here's an Apple Pie recipe using the above crust:

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I love to make pies. Pies are great and they've become a real part of any major family gathering (or gathering of my friends) where I have access to an oven. I haven't met a type of pie I don't want to make.

However - I've been asked to make up a pie for Memorial Day weekend. No problem, I think. Then I realise I'm dealing with a bunch of food allergies - no soy and no dairy allowed. I figure I've got two options - graham cracker crust or a shortening pie made with coconut oil (solid at room temperature, very unhealthy iirc). Then I remembered coming across recipes for olive oil crusts, but I could never get the hang of those - I'm used to making butter pastry so having a liquid oil is foreign. I was wondering if any of you had any advice on how an olive oil crust might be differently handled than a butter crust?

And so this isn't just me asking questions: Pumpkin Pie with a Shortening Crust )


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