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Well, technically I guess you can bake with spam, but not the sort we've been seeing. The community has recently been hit with a wave of garbage comments. As a consequence, I've had to disallow anonymous comments. If you'd like to comment here and don't have Dreamwidth (or OpenID) account, please ping me and I'll gladly share an invite code.

Also, if you receive a spam comment on an entry that you've made here, please delete it with the "delete as spam" option. The spam team here has been doing a great job of keeping the dastardly types away because people report what they see, so please help them out.

Thank you everyone. Here's hoping to see some holiday baking posts soon!
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Beginning this Sunday, November 1, I'd like to begin a bit of focus on baking for winter (yes, northern hemisphere-centric of me, but I think that addresses most of our members) and the holidays (more broadly focused, the vast majority of us having something to celebrate in the upcoming months) with shared recipes, tips, how-tos, Q&A posts and more.

So get your best stuff ready, folks, your tried-and-true traditions, your discoveries, your experiments, your conundrums and concerns, and let's get ready to roll them out in the next couple of months!
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To celebrate Open Beta, [community profile] bakeitup is holding a contest:

Open Beta Brownie Madness

Post your best brownie recipe here during the month of May. (And if you've got pictures, bring 'em on.) Iced, not iced, nuts, caramel, cheesecake, raspberry swirl, whatever you've got.

At the end of the month, all of the entries will be voted on by the [community profile] bakeitup membership, and the contributor of the chosen best brownie will receive two months of (regular) paid time for their own use or that of a friend or a favorite community.

So bring out your chocolate masterpieces, everyone, and let's get this party started!


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