Dec. 12th, 2016

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I have been stress baking due to the college quarter ending and finals have doomed upon me.

I whipped up these scrumptious thumbprint jam cookies last night. The jam is premade. The shortbread is just right imo. I don't have a mixer so I creamed the butter by hand. The mixture can be a bit dense so may be hard for folks who don't have a lot of hand strength/dexterity.

I picked up the recipe on the site "Jen's Favorite Cookies". I did not roll the cookies in sugar prebake though, as I thought that would be too sweet. I think the jam added all the all piazza I needed. I made them a little big because I wasn't sure the ratio, so I let them cook about 5 minutes by themselves and then put them in for the 15 minutes the recipe calls for. I ended up adding an additional 5 minutes at the end because I like a crispy edge.

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Sorry to deprive y'all of my amateur photography skills but I am not sure of any hosting sites. :/


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